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Podiatry in Wandsworth

On the back of my Run Fit assessment I was referred to our Podiatrist, Jack, for a Plantar Pressure Gait Scan and podiatry review. As I mentioned I have had some foot surgery in the past, I have pronated feet and I get some foot and shin pain when running so I was really looking forward to this appointment.

Foot posture

Podiatry gait scan in Wandsworth

Here I am having a visual assessment of my foot and medial arch position and setting my talar neutral. This is how my foot should sit which felt quite strange to begin with…

Next I am having a Plantar Pressure Gait Scan as part of my podiatry assessment with Jack. I walk over the pressure mat numerous times with each foot and the mat scans the pressure distribution through my foot. From this assessment and other assessments Jack carried out he can determine if I have optimal loading though my foot or if I need to alter the pressure distribution with either stretches and exercises or custom made insoles.


I found this podiatry review with Jack really interesting, and a number of things were going on with my foot mechanics and lower limbs. Jack could tell from the gait scan that I was not loading properly through my right hip and Steve had also picked this up in my Run Fit screening, so there is some strengthening work to be done there.

Bespoke insoles in Wandsworth

From the podiatry assessment I needed insoles to support my foot arch, also with a slight talar dome to off load a Morton’s neuroma. These insoles will easily fit in my Brooks running shoes and should help keep me injury free.


These insoles have a carbon fibre shell and have a lifetime guarantee. I’ve been introducing them slowly, wearing them on some of my shorter runs of 3-4 miles and doing some of my longer runs without them. It’s always a good idea to do this so your feet and lower limbs can adapt to the new movement patterns.

Wandsworth podiatry and chiropody 

If you’re struggling with foot pain, corns, verrucas, bunions, Morton’s neuroma and want a podiatry or chiropody appointment call 0203 322 9455.


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