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Cosmetic Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and techniques to enhance wellbeing and lifestyle in order to promote and maintain a reduction in the signs of aging. It is a medical acupuncture treatment using acupuncture points on the body, in the ears and on the face to have a beneficial effect on the skin and complexion of the face.

Facial acupuncture creates micro-punctures to the skin surface. As a consequence, the repair process releases numerous growth and healing factors that stimulate new collagen to be deposited under the surface of the skin. It also stimulates and enhances blood and lymph flow in the face, both of which can reduce the appearance of bags, lines and wrinkles.

From a TCM point of view, the underlying objective of this treatment is designed to improve the function of organs and balance their relationship with each other in order to improve circulation of blood and body fluids, the absorption of nutrients and excretions of waste thereby positively influencing general health.

A lifting effect is created within the body with a focus on the face. The use of specialist needles and techniques accentuates these results and also reduces the risk of bruising and discomfort.

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    Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture…

    Is my Acupuncturist qualified and insured?

    Yes, it is best practiced by a suitably qualified and insured acupuncture professional. Steve has practiced acupuncture for numerous years, are members of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) and trained in cosmetic acupuncture by The College of Chinese Medicine.

    What results can I expect?

    Some of the most common results found with a cosmetic acupuncture treatment are as follows:

    • A reduction in the depth and appearance of wrinkles
    • A reduction of puffiness and bloating on the face and around the eyes
    • Increased lift and tone in sagging muscles and skin
    • Improved complexion
    • Fresher looking skin
    • Improved skin elasticity and skin tone
    • More hydrated skin
    • Improved general facial colour
    • Tightened pores
    • Improvement in acne scarring and other scar tissue
    • Decreased skin discolouration

    How long do the effects last?

    The number and frequency of treatments will affect the results. Everyone is different and will respond differently to facial acupuncture. These treatments are not a quick-fix to wrinkles and facial scarring and will require a certain number of treatments before an effect is seen. However, after the initial acupuncture sessions the effects can last from a few weeks to a couple of months. For best results regular visits are recommended.

    The effects of your cosmetic acupuncture will also be affected by:

    • Sunbathing/climate/environment
    • Daily routine/hobbies
    • Co-operation with self massage, diet changes
    • Having regular facials (beneficial effects)
    • Stress levels
    • Smoking

    Can I have facial acupuncture if I have botox?

    Yes, it’s best to leave having facial acupuncture for 2 weeks after your most recent botox injections. Acupuncture may slightly speed up the metabolism of the botox thus you must let your facial acupuncturist know and they can avoid the areas where you have had botox.

    What are the risks?

    Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into the skin and muscles of the body. Therefore there is a certain low level of pain that can be experienced. Sometimes the needle insertion is not felt at all and at some points you will feel a sharp scratch. If a needle insertion is too sore just ask for it to be removed.

    Once the needles are in they are usually painless, although it’s not unusual for the area to feel hot due to increased blood flow into the area. The main risk of facial acupuncture is that it can cause slight bruising, however this is rare and care is taken to avoid capillaries on the face. It is best not to have the procedure done within 10 days of a special event in case there is slight bruising.

    What age should I begin?

    Facial acupuncture is suitable for anyone over 18. It can help people with acne scarring and other skin problems and can also be used for nourishing and hydrating the skin. It is also suitable when you feel that you are unhappy with the lines and wrinkles on your face and this is obviously a personal decision.

    What do I need to do before my treatment?

    Remove make up and cleanse your face prior to your appointment. For optimum results you can combine your cosmetic acupuncture with a facial treatment afterwards.

    How many sessions will I need?

    A course of 6 sessions is recommended to see an effect of the acupuncture, although some people do notice an immediate difference in the freshness and tone of their skin. After the initial 6 sessions monthly maintenance sessions are recommended for optimal and lasting effects.

    Brilliant all round experience. After sustaining a marathon injury during training Wandsworth Physiotherapy managed to fit me in the next day and was back up and running within 2 weeks after three 30 minute sessions. Gave me exercises to go away and do in my own time too so felt like I was making the most of their and my time too.

    Marina Williams

    These guys are fantastic! Really quick to reply and they found me an appointment on the same day. I've since had regular treatments with Alessio who is excellent, and my torn IT band, shoulder and other ailments are much improved. Brilliant for both sports injuries and wellness.

    Gerry Sweetland

    Booked an appointment for the same day on a Saturday. Adele has been very welcoming and helpful, providing useful advice as well as efficient treatment. Great local clinic, will definitely come back and recommend.

    Jean Reverdy

    Steve was excellent. Long term/complex shoulder injury treated over a number of sessions - patient, curious and methodical. Great treatments and programme of exercises and I'm back to pain free swimming.

    ~ Nick Outlaw

    I've been several times for several different problems and Steve has always been excellent. He listens really carefully and asks good questions to find out exactly what's wrong, and is very clear with follow-up exercises to continue the therapy at home. Highly recommend him!

    Vanessa Harriss

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    Cancellation Policy

    Please note we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please respect our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths and give them more than 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel an appointment. Failure to do so will incur a cancellation charge and may affect future appointments that we are able to offer you.
    Thank you.

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    Sara Phillips
    Sara Phillips
    Lauren Dodds
    I entered Steve's massage competition at Wandsworth Physiotherapy never expecting to win but was delighted to win a year of deep tissue massages. I had previously seen Steve for chronic shoulder and back pain so winning treatment for a whole year was a real treat and it has helped keep my pain at bay. After each session, I could instantly feel the benefit with tension and stress in my muscles depleted. Thank you for running such an amazing competition! Professional, effective and flexible booking.
    Lauren Dodds
    Lucinda Hearth
    I saw Steve Hines after suffering with glute pain for several months. By using an ultrasound he was able to diagnose the issue straight away and then target the treatment - turns out it was a hamstring issue causing it which I'm not sure would have been picked up otherwise. Steve suggested a combination of physio and shockwave therapy, and home exercises, which have worked wonders and the issue is now almost resolved. Highly recommend Steve and the team at Wandsworth Physio.
    Lucinda Hearth
    Florrie Barber
    Florrie Barber
    Rose Harvey
    I can highly recommend Wandsworth physio - I have seen Steve for various running niggles and always received really knowledgeable and practical advice to solve the route cause of the problem. There's also a whole range of treatment options available such as acupuncture, shockwave and ultrasound - all really helpful to have in one place!
    Rose Harvey
    Mary Foley
    Great physio/massage. Would strongly recommend. Really good team and the pummelling definitely helps to fix the sore bits!!
    Mary Foley
    Kris Boger
    Stephen is a real expert and has been incredibly helpful for me on two separate injuries. He has deep knowledge of various treatments and in my case was able to offer one of the latest innovations, which ended up really helping. Highly recommend.
    Kris Boger
    Conny Nielsen
    I'd had problems with my shoulders, neck and mid-back for a long time due to many years of office work, bad posture and having a newborn baby to carry around. I was treated by Wilson who was extremely helpful and managed to help rid me of my pain! I have since moved to Denmark, but wish I could have taken him with me! An absolute gem who is not just great at what he does, but was so, so lovely and understanding. I give him the highest recommendation.
    Conny Nielsen
    Ben Ramsden
    I’ve seen Steve at Wandsworth Physiotherapy twice over the last couple of years (once for my wrist and again for my hamstring). I found Steve very knowledgeable, answering all my questions, and the treatment effective. I also like the efficient and flexible booking system.
    Ben Ramsden
    Marion Houlet
    Stephen was great! Although I don’t like to cook nor eat, he found the solution to my problem and I have much more energy now for my Yoga and Movement journey.
    Marion Houlet

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