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Do babies need osteopathy?

At Wandsworth Physiotherapy and Osteopathy our osteopaths specialise in paediatric osteopathy using a combination of structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy for treating new born babies and children. They use very gentle osteopathic techniques to correct problems...

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What is a women’s health appointment?

We often get asked “what is a women’s health appointment?” It is a specific branch of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy aimed at women’s obstetrics and gynaecology problems. We do tend to see more pre and postnatal problems, however women’s health is not exclusively based...

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Upsurge in running injuries

Unfortunately the gyms are still closed and with such nice weather many of you have been exercising outdoors. We are currently seeing a lot of people with running injuries. You've started a couch to 5k programme? You normally go to the gym but as they are closed you...

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3 key exercises for lower back pain

Lower back pain is the most common complaint that we see people for at wandsworth Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. It is estimated that 8 of 10 people will suffer lower back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back pain can be brought on from prolonged sitting at...

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4 key postural exercises whilst working from home

I had a great response from sending out and recommending the Working From Home Survival Exercise Programme. There were quite a few exercises in there for variety, however I had a few requests asking what are my key 3 or 4 exercises to do. So here they are: The Brugger...

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Tips for managing breathing difficulty

I’m currently day 4 of Covid-19 symptoms, I’ve not needed to go to hospital so haven’t been tested, but have had all the symptoms. A rapid fever started on Monday night with high heart rate, headache and nausea. Quite unpleasant symptoms, but what was particularly...

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NEW: Running injuries to the knee – kneecap pain update

The knee is the most commonly injured body part in runners, so it’s going to be pretty likely that during your training you may start to experience some knee pain. The most common injury affecting the knee, would you believe it, is called runners knee! This is a lay...

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NEW: Running Injuries Update – Shin Splints

Shin splints is a generic term that refers to a number of different conditions affecting the front inner or outer lower limb, but not the calf or Achilles. The most common cause of “shin splints” is medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). This is caused by overload and...

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NEW: Running injuries update – Achilles pain

The most common lower limb running injury other than knee pain is Achilles tendon pain. Achilles tendon problems tend to affect runners more than the average population and as training volume for a marathon ramps.. There are 2 types of Achilles problems that we see at...

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UPDATED: Running injuries of the foot – plantar fasciitis

The most common cause of foot pain in runners is from a condition called plantar fasciitis. It can be a severe sharp pain in the sole of the foot just off the heel bone. It is a chronic degenerative condition of the connective tissue in the foot (the fascia) that is...

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Our competition winner

Fernanda is the winner of our Marathon Madness competition. She is planning on running the London Marathon on the 26th April 2020 and fundraising for the Clic Sargent charity. Clic Sargent fights tirelessly to stop cancer destroying young lives. From the moment of...

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Podiatry assessment

On the back of my Run Fit assessment I was referred to our Podiatrist, Jack, for a Plantar Pressure Gait Scan and podiatry review. As I mentioned I have had some foot surgery in the past, I have pronated feet and I get some foot and shin pain when running so I was...

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Run Fit assessment

The next step in my preparation for the Paris marathon was to have a running injury prevention screening. At Wandsworth Physiotherapy and Osteopathy we do a Run Fit Assessment to look at various things that can lead to problems if not corrected. This includes foot...

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Trainers sorted

One of the first things to get sorted were my running shoes. I went to Runner's Need in Clapham and I was recommended a pair of Brooks anti pronation trainers with a memory foam cushioned sole as I pronate slightly through my running cycle and I have a history of heel...

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Marathon training 2020

I’m Grace, I am a physiotherapist working at Wandsworth Physiotherapy, and I have entered my first ever Marathon! Why? Good question! I guess firstly - it has always been on my to do list; a goal and a great achievement that I hope to complete. And I guess if I am...

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My Back Pain Story

I saw Steve a couple years ago in Wandsworth as I developed low back pain after a skiing trip. It had gotten so bad that I could barely bend forward and touch my knees, my back was stiff and achy every day and sitting at my desk all day was very unpleasant. Steve did...

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