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How to look after you back whilst WFH

I had a great response from sending out and recommending the Working From Home Survival Exercise Programme. There were quite a few exercises in there for variety, however I had a few requests asking what are my key 3 or 4 exercises to do. So here they are:

The Brugger relief position

This exercise is perfect for performing whilst sat at your work station. It really helps offset spending hours sat in a slumped position. Perform this stretch every 30-60 minutes and hold the position for 30-60 seconds.

The pec stretch

Another great stretch to perform regularly through the day if you can. It’s very easy just to stretch through a door frame for 30 seconds every hour.

The postural stretch

This exercise requires a 90cm x 10cm foam roller. It’s best performed either at the beginning or end of the day. You can lie on the foam roller as demonstrated and just practice diaphragmatic breathing.

The prone cobra

Lastly, the prone cobra is a great strengthening exercise to perform at the end of each working day to strengthen the back muscles and improve your posture. If you are short of time give these four exercises your attention for better posture and less back and neck pain.

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