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Gait assessment and running shoes for marathon training

One of the first things to get sorted were my running shoes. I went to Runner’s Need in Clapham and I was recommended a pair of Brooks anti pronation trainers with a memory foam cushioned sole as I pronate slightly through my running cycle and I have a history of heel pain, they feel like I’m running on air….

These should last me for all of my training and the Paris marathon as it’s my first marathon.

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There are lots of different marathon plans out there. A standard plan is usually 16 weeks but you need to work out what’s best for you.

Marathon training plans

I used the Nike Run Club App, where I put in where I was at, my marathon date and how often I could run and it worked out a 14 week training programme for me.

I had already done a 4 week lead up to that focussing on core strengthening exercises and postural strengthening exercises so the 4 work outs per week would include 2 short runs each week including tempo and endurance runs, and 1 long run at the weekend.

I just did 15k so I’m feeling pretty good…

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