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What is the most common sports injury?

The most commonly injured area of the body in sports is the knee. There are a number of different injuries that can occur – both from repetitive injury to trauma. The most common knee injury is patella-femoral syndrome (PFJ) – or kneecap pain. It’s brought about by overload and muscle imbalance.

What is Patella-femoral syndrome?

Patella-femoral syndrome is best manage through physiotherapy to reduce the pain around the kneecap and a specific exercise programme to correct the muscle imbalance. This includes foam rolling the ITB, stretching and strengthening the quads and the glutes.

What is ITB syndrome?

The second most common sports injury is ilio-tibial band friction syndrome (ITBFS) where the ITB rubs over the outer thigh and creates pain and inflammation. This is usually caused by running, and also muscles imbalance as per PFJ syndrome.

This is also managed with physiotherapy to reduce the inflammation around the ITB as well as exercises to correct any muscle imbalance.

ACL injury of the knee

The third most common knee injury is more of a traumatic injury – ACL tears. this usually happens where there is a twisting injury. The signs and symptoms of ACL injury are hearing a pop, raid swelling, loss of range of movement and giving way of the knee.

ACL injuries can be managed conservatively, however most require surgery. The rehab time post surgery is 6-9 months.

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