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Treatment for back pain in Wandsworth

I saw Steve a couple years ago in Wandsworth as I developed low back pain after a skiing trip. It had gotten so bad that I could barely bend forward and touch my knees, my back was stiff and achy every day and sitting at my desk all day was very unpleasant.

Steve did a thorough assessment of my back and gave me some initial treatment that helped a little. However Steve thought there was more to this and referred me to my GP to get an MRI. My GP refused, told me to take painkillers and told me to continue with physiotherapy. This was obviously a huge disappointment and I ended up having a private MRI scan.

Treatment for a disc bulge

To my horror this showed a large central L5/S1 disc bulge, but did explain why I was in so much pain. I went back to my GP armed with the MRI scan and then was referred to the spinal surgeon who looked at it and said the only option was to have spinal fusion surgery. The worst thing I could have heard!

I was determined not to have surgery and went back to see Steve and discussed this with him. Steve re-assured me that I was right to wait and see and not rush in to having surgery. Steve gave me some more treatment and helped put a rehabilitation plan together to help me recover from this. Fast-forward a year and after a lot of hard work I am so much better. I can bend almost completely normally again. My back pain is not quite 100% better, but I don’t expect it to be considering the disc damage.

Steve helped to re-assure me that regardless what the MRI showed my back pain can get better and that I needed to slowly get back to normal things, not be afraid of the pain and that I wouldn’t further damage my spine by doing so. I’m back in the gym squatting and dead lifting 60kg and I have been able to do a modified version of the insanity work out which is pretty full on. I’m so glad I worked with Steve who coached me though my rehabilitation and saved me from going under the knife.

Fo I need surgery for a slipped disc?

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