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Marathon training plan

I’m Grace, I am a physiotherapist working at Wandsworth Physiotherapy, and I have entered my first ever Marathon!

Why? Good question! I guess firstly – it has always been on my to do list; a goal and a great achievement that I hope to complete.

And I guess if I am being very honest; the second reason for entering a marathon is also to encourage me to exercises regularly!!

My main interests in physiotherapy is sports injuries. Competing in national competitive swimming, and completing a degree in Sports and Exercises Science at Loughborough University, my love and interest for sports has always been there. Having a retirement party from swimming, I started my physiotherapy career.

Throughout my career I have worked closely with national and international sporting athletes including the Women’s National Lacrosse Team through the World Championships.

As a physiotherapist I have treated and successfully help clients with the aim of completing a marathon, whether it was their first or their 100th marathon, ultra-marathon runners and iron man competitors.

So by completing a marathon training program…and the marathon itself, it will hopefully help me further understand what is takes, and help me both professionally and personally!

What I plan to do

My plan is to write a blog each week, talking about where I am with my training, and how I am feeling. I will also be writing about different treatments and services offered by Wandsworth Physiotherapy and how they have supported me with my training and recovery and therefore my performance in the Paris Marathon 2020.

So here we go! Wish me Luck!

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