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With summer approaching and the weather getting brighter it’s time to get out side and exercise more. As a physio I am always banging on to my patients about doing exercises, in fact you have probably been given exercises by me!

I was reading this weekend and came across some research on the benefits of exercise. Humans need movement. Our genes are actually programmed for movement and that movement “signals” for health. Move more and you will be healthier. Move less and you will not.

You may have heard the phrase “sitting is the new smoking”. Just having a sedentary job, sitting 6-8hrs a day increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

There is a concept in medicine called the Poly Pill – a pill containing multiple active pharmaceutical ingredients that taken once a day can manage modern disease. This pill contains 3 blood pressure lowering medications and a stain to manage cholesterol.

What if I told you there is a better way to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, decrease you waistline and decrease your risk of disease than taking a pill. Well there is – it’s called exercise. Exercise is the true poly pill, it is the ultimate signaling process to your genes to maintain a healthy body.

So, get outdoors in the sunshine and do some more movement and exercise. Regular moderate physical exercise / activity provides a decreased incidence of disease and a higher quality of life.

Plus being out in the sunshine generates vitamin D production. Vitamin D has an effect on almost all your cell. It’s very important for bone and muscle health and improved muscle strength. A recent study showed low vitamin D levels was associated with chronic low back pain, which is the most common injury I treat as a physio.

Any type of out door activity will suffice – jog, walk, ride a bike, Thai chi, tennis, golf etc etc…

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